Ink (Jawhar)


Ms. Waheb’s fifth collection of colorful singles called “Ink” was published in October 2011. It consists of 56 couplets, both romantic and mystical. At the beginning of the book, the reader will find some information about the poet and calligrapher of this collection. The books of the colorful collection are referred to as eye candy which emphasizes the fact that the illustration of the playful colors to the viewer adds a special beauty and the reader of the poems enjoys the books even more. The name of the book has been assigned by Ms. Wassel and the cover of the book has been designed by Abdoltawab Wahab under the supervision of Ms. Waheb.

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Ink (Jawhar) is the fifth of a collection of eighteen colorful books by Saleheh Waheb Wassel. The colorful books contain a wide spectrum of various styles of poetry including single verses, quatrains, and sonnets. The chosen poems are valuable masterpieces that are rare in the world of Persian culture and literature and are considered the most beautiful art books of the Persian language known in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Iran. Among the art critics and lovers of poetry and literature, this collection, due to its playful use of colors and subtleties of calligraphic art in conjunction with a modern design inspired by the unique classical Islamic design has received the nickname of “eye candy”. The beautiful digital designs were created by Ms.Wassel as well as the calligraphy of this collection which was done digitally.

Ms. Wassel has written 14 volumes of lyric poems in (A5) format namely, (Lost Pearl, Purity of Heart, Pure Gem, World of Belief, Infinite Love, Finitude of Love, Inner Melting, Mirror, Treasure of Thought, Love, Breathlessness, Boat Broken Heart, Presence of Love and Wet Fire) and 17 volumes of colorful collections called “Cluster of Agate”, “Branch of Candy”, “Negin”, “Gem (Gohar)”, “Ink”, “Friend of solitude (Yare tanhai)”, “Romantic sonnets”, “Ornament (Zivar)”, “Dornab”, “Naze Khayal”, “Turquois (Firoozeh)”, “Smaragd (Zumrod)”, “Anjum”, “The fantom of a smile(Ruhe Tabassum)”, “Tune of the heart (Navai Del)”, “Tune of the soul (Navai Jan)” and “Scattered single couplets”. Among them, two volumes called “Friend of solitude (Yartenhaii)” and “Tune of soul(Navai Del)” include couplets and quatrains. The volume called “Romantic sonnets” includes romantic ghazals, and The one called “Ornament(Zivar)” contains extemporal couplets at the beginning, and later in the book, the couplets contain different meaningful messages. In addition to that, a collection of white poems, a collection of mokhmasat, mosdasat, and triangles, a collection of quatrains, a collection of couplets, a collection of love sketches, a collection of short stories called ” The “Silent burning fire” and a collection of articles and interviews, which makes a total of 40 literary works. Those who are interested in this sublime art by purchasing these illustrated books in addition to supporting their country’s culture and literature can beautifully decorate their house and personal library with these beautiful and colorful books that showcase their good taste for art and literature. As an intellectual and literature lover, you can give these books to your loved ones with special pride.


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