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Here you will find details about Saleha Waheb Wassel's work, as well as the projects in progress. Saleha is on a mission to expand the reach of the inner voices of women from Afghanistan through her poetry and art.

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You will also find a blog including posts regarding her personal interests, essays, and anecdotes.


The story of Saleha Waheb Wassel

Saleha Waheb Wassel was born in 1960 in Kabul, Afghanistan. She spent most of her youth in Afghanistan where she finished her Master’s degree in Business and Marketing. In 1989, she migrated to the Netherlands and continued her education in various scientific fields such as nursing, computer sciences, and business administration. Similar to her education, Saleha’s artistic career is not limited to only one field. It entails a colorful spectrum of creativity mixed with genuine talent and diligence. In this vein, Wassel is a professional painter as well as a poet. In 1978, she won her first painting prize at an Inter-Asia competition. Additionally, she has engaged with the newer art forms and makes digital designs. Her body of work consists of 33 literary pieces, out of which 26 have been published.

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Check out the Blog

Here Saleha shares her interests, thoughts, and personal anecdotes. Through our comment section, you can reach out and get in touch with me.

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