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Why choose Saleha Wassel as a speaker?

Previous expriences

Saleha Waheb Wassel is an outstanding and inspirational Afghan poet, singer and humanitarian. Wassel has finished 33 literary pieces including multiple collections of poetry, a short stories collection, and a book of essays. Her body of work mostly entails Indian and Khorasanian classic poetry. However, a number of her poems are following the Modern Persian Poetry tradition. As well as being a poet and an author, Saleha is also a professional painter. Additionally, she has created more than hundreds of digital designs that entail elements of mystic poetry. Finally, Wassel also has a gift for music and has created many lyrics as well as composing music pieces.

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What topics can Saleha talk about?

Saleha can deliver talks about various subjects. But a couple of her favourite topics are:

  • Poetry and Literature
  • Interpretations of Mysticism and Sufism in Art and Literature
  • Dari Literature
  • Farsi Literature
  • Humanitarian aid and philanthropy
  • The Civil Rights of Afghan Women
  • Afghan refugees

If there’s a special message that needs to get across, Saleha can do that for you. Saleha works on the raw materials provided by the event organizers and turns them into a great delivery with humour and style.

By using humour, literature and poetry in her presentations, Saleha's presentations are interactive and unique.


Saleha as a moderator for your event

authentic and passioante presentations

You can also work with Saleha as a moderator or host of your event. This means that Saleha will be responsible for entertainment and presenting your event. Saleha's use of literature and humour in her presentations make the event unforgettable. Saleha adds a spark that marks your event as authentic and exceptional.

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