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Why choose Saleha Wassel?

Saleha's artistic career

Saleha Waheb Wassel is an outstanding and inspirational Afghan poet, singer and humanitarian. Wassel has finished 33 literary pieces including multiple collections of poetry, a short stories collection, and a book of essays. Her body of work mostly entails Indian and Khorasanian classic poetry. However, a number of her poems are following the Modern Persian Poetry tradition. As well as being a poet and an author, Saleha is also a professional painter. Additionally, she has created more than hundreds of digital designs that entail elements of mystic poetry. Finally, Wassel also has a gift for music and has created many lyrics as well as composing music pieces.


Artistic and Musical Profile

A great number of poems composed by Ms. Wassel have been used by many Afghan singers that are talented and famous. Artists such as:

  • Hussain Bakhsh ( son of Rahim Bakhsh)
  • Ahmad Morid
  • Mahboobullah Mahboob
  • Ustad Arman and Nazir Khara
  • Ustad Vali Aryan
  • Freshta Sama
  • Hushang Bahar
  • Matin Osmani
  • Reyhan Osmani
  • Seyed Baktash
  • Mahmood Hedayat
  • Safi Wahab
  • Ghafoor Karimi
  • Veys Amiri
  • Ahmad Parvizi
  • Shabir Khan Pakestani
  • Reza Shah Jalali
  • Jahed Salehi
  • Mashal Andar
  • Farid Anvar
  • Nazir Ahmad
  • Rashad Samir
  • Rabi Sakhi
  • Ruhollah Navazesh
  • Kaveh Amini
  • Mirwais Mubtala
  • Samieh Asil
  • Lal Mohammad Dorani

More that 100 songs

More than 40 collaborators

More than 30 years of experience

Recent Projects


Tariq Naaz

Singer: Jahed Salehi

Lyrics and Compose: Saleha Wassel



Singer: Said Baktash

Lyrics and Compose: Saleha Wassel



Singer: Matin Osmani and Amber

Lyrics and Compose: Saleha Wassel


Qarar e Dil

Singer: Rehan feat Ismenia

Lyrics and Compose: Saleha Wassel